AE/PR插件-三维真实体积雾气朦胧生成特效 Fog v1.4.1 Win/Mac

AE/PR插件-三维真实体积雾气朦胧生成特效 Fog v1.4.1 Win/Mac

立即创建一层雾、扩散和薄雾,无需使用深度贴图。此插件适用于需要重新点亮场景、为照片制作动画以及创建情绪和粒子 VFX 的高级用户。雾是N f ,在图像中提供距离提示的视觉元素。立即添加雾、薄雾和扩散可以节省视觉特效和创意色彩分级的时间。可以使用深度图为 2D 层伪造深度。对于大多数 2D 图像,创建深度图v 1 G 7并非易事。其X ) X % @ # ; . C他雾插件可以通过一些调整来创建雾的形状。不可能创建扩散、散射、分散、薄雾、可变密度和光晕。Prosya Fog 不需要 3D 合成。它包含一种智能算法,可以估计场景中的深度。它不需要任何用户生成的深度图。

综上所述,其他雾插件可以提供雾的形状。Prosya Fog 提供雾的形状、扩散、散射、分散、薄雾、可变密度和辉光/绽放,以实现完整的幻觉。此外,Prosya Fog 可以处理任何 2D 视频和照片。因此,它同时在 Premiere Pro 和 After Effects 上发布。

This plug-in is meant for power users who need to relight scenes, animate photos and create mood and particle VFX.

Fog is theQ 1 g b t R H visual ele` b _ B e I m I Ament that gives distance cues in an image. Adding fog, mist and diffusion instantly is a time saver for vfx and creative colorE b T l ( ) h grading. Depth can be faked for a 2D layer using a depth map.

For most 2D images, it is not trivial to create a depth map. Other fog plugins can create the shape of a fog, with some tweaking. It is not possible to create diffusion,U j 0 scattering, dispersie w M von, mist$ J F | Q \ 2 e, varii m 6 0able density and? k 5 \ bloom. Prosya Fog does not require a 3D comp. It contains an intelligent algorithm that estimates the depth in your scene. It does not require any user-generated depth maps.

In8 - v 2 x w summary, other fog plugins can provide the shape of the fog. Prosya Fog provides the fog shape, dif; d v P @ 2 ^fusion, scattering, dispersion, mist, variable density and glow/bloom for a complete illusion. Also, Prosya Fog will work with aK 8 w m 8 x q C 8ny 2D video and photo.x & | 5 v ] : As a result it is released onS ! ( both Premiere Pro and After EffeS 8 \ l $ g $ %cts.

支持WK = Uin/Mac系统:

After Effects2021, 2020, CC 2019, CC 2018, CC 2017, CC 2015.3, CC 2015
Premiere2021, 2020, CC 2019, CC 2018, CC 2017, CC 2015.3, CC 2015

v1.4.1更新内容:UI和雾生成器改进。支持深度图。添加了 5 步场景视图。改进的雾生成器。


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