FCPX音频插件-18种麦克风收音增强处理工具 Audio Preset Pack

FCPX音频插件-18种麦克风收音增强处理工具 Audio Preset Pack

使用这些音频预设加快您的编辑工作流程并提高您的音质!只需将预设拖入您的编辑窗口并应用于剪辑。就这么容易!在 FCPX 中专门设计和掌握。 该包包含最流行的音频应用程序的音频预设,例如室内/室外视频博客、教程风格的视频、播客等等。还包括了各种音频源,例如 GoPro、智能手机、内置摄像头音频和一系列外部麦克风。因此,无论您使用什么来创建视频,您都可以在此处找到与之匹配的预设,让你的音质提升档次。

Speed up your editing workflow and improve your sound quality with these audio presets! Just drag the preset into your editing window and apply to the clip. It’s that easy! Specially designed and mastered within FCPX. The pack contains audio presets for the most popular audio applications such as indoor/outdoor vlogging, tutorial style videos, podcasts and much more. I have also included a variety of audio sources such as, GoPro, smartphone, built-in camera audio and a range of external microphones. So no matter what you’re using to create your videos, you’ll find a preset here to match.

系统要求:Mac 苹果电脑系统 (Win系统不支持)


软件要求:Final Cut Pro X 10.5 或更高版本

文件大小:2M(.dmg 文件格式)





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